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ThermoSight Thermal Rifle Sight
30mm lens

ThermoSight Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
Dual Use Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
Designed for law enforcement special operation units, the ThermoSight has an electronic bore sighting capability and provides clear imagery through total darkness, fog, smoke, and most visual obscurants.

Based on FLIR's proven miniature infrared camera technology, ThermoSight features a standard weapon rail-mount bracket that is Picatinny rail compatible.

ThermoSight Thermal Rifle Sight
50mm lens

Bore sighting is quick and easy with the illuminated overlay crosshair reticle. With a selectable silent operating mode and bellows shuttered eyepiece, ThermoSight assure the shooter's covert status no matter how demanding the mission.

One button allows an operator to toggle between black-hot or white-hot image polarity superimpose and then adjust an electronic reticle to boresight the weapon, or manually change contrast and brightness to optimize image quality.

Typical weapon mount configuration of a FLIR ThermoSight

Additional functionality comes from ThermoSight's ability to capture and store 70 digital images. A supplied USB 2.0 adapter cable included with each camera, allows for image transfer from the ThermoSight to a computer via USB 2.0.

In addition to all cabling, the ThermoSight kit includes a docking station with AC power supply, two battery packs, a waterproof hardcase, manual and 1-year warranty. Two lens sets are available, including a 30mm, 13x10-degree lens and a higher magnification 50mm, 8x6-degree lens.

FLIR ThermoSight Thermal Rifle Sight

FLIR ThermoSight Specifications

ThermoSight Thermal Rifle Scope Specifications

FLIR Thermal Imager Hands-on Trial Program
Nothing drives home the the value of adding a FLIR Thermal Imaging device to your missions better than hands-on experience.

With this in mind is pleased to offer a 10-day trial program to qualifying law enforcement agencies to let them experience the power of thermal imaging for nighttime pursuits and searches. At the conclusion of your trial you can elect to purchase the system or simply return it in the prepaid packaging.
Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get your hands on a FLIR thermal imager.

Law Enforcement Grant Writing
Law enforcement agencies are continually asked to do more with less, leaving them with less financial resources to fund community programs and purchase essential lifesaving equipment. As a result, many agencies use grant funds to supplement departmental budgets in order to achieve their goals.

Grants are an excellent source of money for equipment purchases such as thermal imagers. Grants take a bit of effort to research, locate, and administer but the outcome is often well worth it. in conjunction with FLIR is here to help you in all aspects of the grant proposal process. To discuss whether grant writing may be applicable to you, contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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