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Night Vision for Kids

Face it, there's not a kid in the known universe that wouldn't love to get their hands on one of these gadgets. Whether it's playing nighttime hide and seek or simply annoying the cat, night vision gifts never fail to score big smiles!

The first and least expensive product on our list is the Condor-1. The Condor's optics are reasonable, it's lightweight, it has an integrated hand strap, reducing the possibility of drop damage. Better still, it doesn't need batteries. To operate it you simply point-and-squeeze the scope's top-mounted lever. A built-in generator provides the necessary power to fire up the scope's Gen1+ image tube.

If you're concerned about rough handling then consider the Argo-3 Gen1+ marine scope. Not only is it our least expensive waterproof scope if it's dropped in your pool, it floats! Though you can order it in black, for a kid we'd recommend going with the high visibility yellow housing to take some of the stress out of finding a misplaced scope.

If your kid's a never-ending motion machine then why not consider a mono-goggle system like the Yukon 1x24? The unit includes a headset that easily adjusts to any head size to let them wear their night vision while keeping their hands free.

Another choice would be our National Geographic Elite Gen1+ Binoculars featuring high resolution Gen1+ image tubes and optics. Typical of all binoculars they'll provide you with true depth perception, a big plus if you're interested in nighttime nature observation.

From our line of digital night vision products we've featured two products, the Ranger Digital Scope and our newest product, the iGen Night Vision Viewer. Not only can both be used day AND night without damage, both can be connected to a video camera for real-time, high resolution recording. For even greater versatility the iGen-IC includes a memory memory to permit easy storage and computer download of digital photos.

And finally, if you're looking for a gift that will challenge your kid's imagination and give them a real head start on discovering the potential of clean, renewable solar energy, then the powerFOLD Solar System might be just what you're looking for.

For further details on any of our night vision accessories just click the square-headed guy with glasses that appears at the top of our pages to chat with us live. When we're offline click the "Leave a Message" icon call us at 1-877-212-7102. We're ready to work for you.

Night Vision Scopes for Kids
Condor-1 Night Vision Scope
Condor-1 Night Vision Scope, $149
The Condor-1 is an entry-level night scope with a nifty little feature - no batteries! Just squeeze the lever and it powers itself... (more)

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Argo-3 Marine Night Vision Scope
Argo-3 Marine Night Vision Scope,$159
The waterproof, value-priced Argo-3 Marine scope is designed for rough use. Even dropping it overboard won't end your day - it floats!... (more)
Night Vision Goggles for Kids
Yukon 1x24 Gen1+ Night Vision Mono-Goggle
Yukon 1x24 Gen1+ Night Vision Mono-Goggle, $299
A compact Gen1+ mono-goggle that delivers resolution of 32 to 36 lp/mm. A wide variety of available accessories... (more)
Night Vision Binoculars for Kids
National Geographic Gen1+ Night Vision Binoculars
National Geographic Gen1+ Night Vision Binoculars, $485
Easily your best "bang for the buck" among Gen1+ binoculars. Coated glass optics, 3-power magnification and wide 14-degree field of view... (more)
Digital Night Vision for Kids
Ranger Digital Scope
NTSC video format
Ranger Digital Scope, $399
Day or night the Digital Ranger Scope provides 5-power magnification with no loss of edge-to-edge resolution. Record directly to any video-cam... (more)
iGen Night Vision Viewer
NTSC and PAL video format
iGen Night Vision Viewer, from $475
The iGen can be set to either NTSC or PAL video format. An available digital memory stick version permits easy computer downloads... (more)
Portable Solar Power for Kids
powerFOLD Basic System
12 Watts / 0.8 Amps / 12VDC
powerFOLD Basic System, $185
NightVisionExpert's powerFOLD Basic Solar System delivers a 12 Watt power stream to reliably recharge batteries in varying sunlight conditions... (more) - a division of Simon's Smokehouse Inc.
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