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Night Vision Rifle Scopes

While the temptation is always great to pick a scope with the biggest honking magnification you can get your hands on, keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better.

Just as it would be with a high-mag day scope, not only will all that glass weigh a ton, it’s definitely going to impinge on your field of view. While smaller FOVs might not be all that critical during the daytime, tighter ones make target acquisition through a night vision scope hellishly difficult. Remember, at night your vision is going to be limited to that tiny bit of real estate that you can see through your night scope - good luck with that!

Moral of this story? Look for a night vision rifle scope that combines the widest possible field of view with the best available image resolution. Basic advice to be sure, but if you get those two things right straight off the top, everything else is gravy.

Need a little more guidance on picking and choosing the perfect scope? We’re easy to contact by "Live Chat", by phone or by email. And just like anything you buy on our site, if you’re not happy with your pick, just send it back. You’ve got 30-days to decide, and we’ll even pay for the return.

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