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All Night Vision Binoculars

When choosing a night vision device it's often tough choosing between a scope or a pair of binoculars. Which way you go largely depends on your experience.

If you've never used a scope, binoculars always deliver the best viewing experience. Just raise them to your eyes and look through them - nothing could be easier. By comparison, first-time scope users tire themselves out by keeping one eye tightly shut. While experience will teach you to relax and keep both eyes open, watch any casual user and you'll always see them squinting.

Another binocular advantage is depth perception. When you look through binoculars each eye views things from a slightly different angle, helping your brain figure out how far things are from you. Only binoculars provide depth perception... scopes do not.

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Night Vision Binoculars
National Geographic Gen1+ Night Vision Binoculars

Night Owl Optics 2X Wide-Angle Gen1+ Night Vision Binoculars, $485
Built to the professional standard that you expect of Night Owl Optics, the key feature of these binoculars is their very wide 30-degree field of view... (more)

NOB-5X Long-Range Binoculars

NOB-5X Long-Range Binoculars, $599
Ideal for camping, hunting and security NOB-5X Long-range Night Vision Binoculars are built with powerful 5-power, 50mm lenses... (more)

NVE-15 Night Vision Goggles / Binoculars

NVE-15 Night Vision Binoculars / Goggles, $699 (plus lenses)
The NVE15's twin-tube delivers excellent depth perception and image quality. Easily convert to binoculars with available 3-power lenses... (more)

Voyager Night Vision Surveillance Scope

Gen2+, Gen2+hd
Voyager Night Vision Surveillance bi-ocular, from $1,295
Ideal for surveillance, Voyager's innovative dual-eye viewer and digital gain control are perfect for surveillance applications... (more)

Shadow Night Vision Bi-ocular Scope

Gen2+, Gen2+hd, Gen3
Shadow Night Vision BI-ocular, from $1,725
Shadow's dual-eye BI-ocular system matches coated, distortion free glass optics to a range of available image tubes... (more)

D-221 Gen2+ Binoculars / Goggles

D-221 Gen2+ Binoculars and Goggles, from $2,295
A full-featured Gen2+ binocular, the D-221 includes high light protection, an integrated IR illuminator and specialized multicoated optics... (more)

PVS-7 Gen2+ Night Vision Bi-ocular / Goggles
PVS-7 Gen2+ Binoculars, $2,395 (plus lens)
In its Gen2+ version the PVS-7 delivers a minimum of 51 lp/mm resolution. Easily converted to a binocular with an available 3-power military lens... (more)
PVS-7 Gen3 Night Vision Bi-ocular / Goggles
PVS-7A Autogated Gen3 Night Vision Binoculars, $3,695 (plus lens)
A minimum 64 lp/mm resolution, and available 3X military lens and the ability to operate night and day rank these binocular as best-of-the-best... (more)
NVE-7 Night Vision Bi-ocular / Goggles
DEP-Photonis SuperGen, XD-4, XR-5ag
NVE-7 DEP-Photonis BI-oculars and Goggles, from $5,555 (plus lens)
With an assortment of lens up to 10-power, the performance of our exportable, DEP-Photonis powered NVE-7 is unbeatable... (more) - a division of Simon's Smokehouse Inc.
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