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Night Vision Lighting

No matter the generation of your night vision scope or night vision goggles - Gen1+, 2+, 3 or digital - adding an infrared spotlight will deliver astounding results.

The reasons for this are clear - while most night vision devices are built with integrated infrared illuminators, these little lights were never designed for anything more than helping soldiers read their maps. For longer range illumination, you need massive candlepower - and that's where our night vision spotlights come in.

Add one of our 2-Million Candlepower Infrared Spotlights to your night vision kit and expect to double or triple the range of your night vision scope, night vision goggles, or digital night vision device. The most common comment we hear from our customers is, "this is the best night vision accessory I've ever bought!"

And for those applications where it's important that your night vision lighting remain invisible (even when staring straight into it from a few feet away) our line of ultra-covert IR-ROOM, IR-SPOT and IR-FLOOD illuminators are your only choice. For perimeter security applications, you can "paint" every critical sector of your surveillance area with undetectable IR lighting. If you've deployed advanced night vision surveillance cameras, these are the lights you need.

For a detailed technical comparison of all our night vision lighting options, please click here.

If you need further information or input on which night vision lighting system would be best for your application, please give us a call.

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Night Vision Lighting
1 Million Candlepower Infrared Spotlight

Covert Infrared, 150-yard night vision range
1 Million Candlepower Infrared Spotlight, $149
Our 1-Million Candlepower Night Vision Spotlight has earned a reputation as the single most useful accessory on the night vision market today. (more Infrared Spotlight information)

2 Million Candlepower Infrared Spotlight

Covert Infrared, 225-yard night vision range
2 Million Candlepower Infrared Spotlight, $249
With a range of 225-yards, this Night Vision Spotlight can be powered from its rechargeable battery or any 120VAC or 12VDC source. (more Infrared Spotlight information)

Lithium-Ion Xenon Infrared Spotlight

Covert Infrared, 150-yard night vision range, 90-minute continuous battery power
Lithium-Ion Xenon Infrared Spotlight, $525
This Night Vision Spotlight shoots an IR beam 150 yards for 90-minutes. Extend that time with additional hot-swap lithium ion batteries . (more Infrared Spotlight information)

IR-ROOM Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator

Ultra-Covert 940nm Infrared, 60-foot night vision range, NO visible red glow
IR-ROOM Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator, $150
Completely invisible, the IR-ROOM Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator is perfect for night vision lighting of rooms, hallways, and entrances. (more Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator information)

IR-FLOOD Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator

Ultra-Covert 940nm Infrared, 225-foot night vision range, NO visible red glow
IR-FLOOD Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator, $595
Our IR-FLOOD Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator is used for large area night vision lighting of homes, warehouses and perimeter security. (more Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator information)

IR-SPOT Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator
Ultra-Covert 940nm Infrared, 400-foot night vision range, NO visible red glow
IR-SPOT Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator, $425
The IR-SPOT Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator produces a long-range, ultra-covert beam. Ideal for mobile surveillance applications. (more Ultra-Covert IR Illuminator information) - a division of Simon's Smokehouse Inc.
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