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All Night Vision Rifle Scopes

When selecting a night vision rifle scope the tradeoff between magnification and field of vision (FOV) must be carefully considered.

Just as with day scopes, as the mag goes up, FOV goes down. During the daytime this is less important as you've still got full use of your eyes to quickly scan and acquire targets prior to zeroing. During the night however you'll be depending on your night scope as much for target acquisition as you do for final targeting.

The result? Target acquisition with small FOV night scopes is very difficult. Your high-mag night scope won't do you an ounce of good if you can't easily acquire targets. That said, make sure to concentrate on choosing a night vision rifle scope with the widest possible field of view.

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Night Vision Rifle Scopes
NVMT-4x50 Multi-Function Night Vision Scope

NVMT-4x50 Multi-Function Night Vision Scope, $249 (plus adapter)
Add an optional conversion kit to mount your NVMT to small caliber rifles. Includes a weaver mount, offset eye guard and
laser pointer... (more)

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Yukon 1x24 Gen1+ Night Vision Mono-Goggle

Yukon 1x24 Gen1+ Night Vision Mono-Goggle, $349 (plus adapter)
Similar to the NVMT an optional weaver mount, offset eye guard and laser pointer conversion kit adapts the Yukon-1x24 to small caliber rifles... (more)

NVRS-1 Titanium Night Vision Rifle Scope

NVRS-1 Titanium Night Vision Rifle Scope, $599
Feature rich, the 35 lp/mm Gen1+ NVRS-1 includes a titanium housing, red-on-green adjustable reticle and remote trigger switch... (more)

PVS-14 Night Vision Mono-Goggle / Scope
PVS-14 Night Vision Scope / Mono-Goggle, from $3,195 (plus adapter)
Easily extend the functionality of your Gen3 PVS-14 with the addition of a mil-spec picatinny rail weapon mount adapter... (more)
M-14 Night Vision Mono-Goggle / Scope
M-14 Night Vision Scope / Mono-Goggle, from $3,295
Waterproof to 66-feet, the 64 lp/mm Gen3 M-14 includes a quick release weapon mount, headset and demist/sacrificial windows... (more)
M-14 Night Vision Scope / Mono-Goggle
D-740/760 Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scopes, from $3,845
Choose either the 4-power D-740 scope or the 6-power D-760 Gen3 scope. Big dog performance suitable for all professional applications... (more)
DigiSight N550 Digital  Rifle Scope
DigiSight N550 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope, $1,395
Packed with precision electronics and outstanding optics, the DigiSight N550 beats all Gen1+ scopes hands down and even rivals many Gen2+ units... (more)
NVE-24/26 Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scopes
DEP-Photonis SuperGen, XD-4, XR-5ag
NVE-24/26 Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scopes, from $5,225
Exportable on approval, our DEP-Photonis powered NVE-24/26 tactical rifle scopes deliver astounding resolution up to 73 lp/mm... (more)
Laser Aiming Dots
LAM-10 Dual-Power Laser Aimer
200 Meter Range
LAM-10 Dual-Power Laser Aimer, $785
Compatible with all night scopes, LAM-10's covert 850nm laser aiming dot delivers instant, mid-range firing accuracy without eyesight strain.
.. (more)
Weapon Mounted Night Vision Lighting
IR-75 Illuminator
Infrared Diode, 100-meter range
IR-75 Illuminator, eye-safe, $225
The most powerful eye-safe illuminator on the market. Adjustable beam angle, installs on most rifle scopes with included mounting system... (more)
IR-200 Illuminator
Laser, 200-meter rage
IR-200 Illuminator, not eye-safe, $395
Contains a 200 mWt laser diode. Variable output power settings and
adjustable IR beam angle for long-range illumination to 200 meters... (more) - a division of Simon's Smokehouse Inc.
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